Everyday Sacred

I am hearing voices. They are coming from the fragile pages of a diary written by a teenager more than 100 years ago.  The writer is Ada Steele. She is lonely, and she is bored. “Ironed all day” “Went to town this afternoon” “Washed Today” So many things I cannot understand about her life: She... Continue Reading →

Pelican Deuce

Summer is here, and I'm thinking about pelicans. When I see a squadron of pelicans flying overhead, it's so easy to imagine that I am witnessing pterodactyls gliding over a primordial sea.  But I can't keep that serious thought for long because pelicans are just so comical.  How can a bird that looks so awkward,... Continue Reading →

King Heron

Do you know the story of the frogs who desired a king? A pond full of discontented frogs cried out to God. "We can't agree among our selves about anything.  We need a King who can bring law and order to the pond." God heard their cry, and answered by sending a symbolic king in... Continue Reading →

Meet Martin Pincher

Martin Pincher is my friend and alter ego. I began drawing Martin about ten years ago. Since that time, he's been inside the lair of an octopus, met an oar fish, sold glimpses at a coelacanth, and solicited a donation from a nudibranch.  I draw Martin the old fashioned way: with pencil, and a sharpie.... Continue Reading →

Flamingos on the lawn

I am still moving into this new blog home,  so I will begin by putting a few pink flamingos down on the lawn. This quickie ink and watercolor was done after a visit to the San Diego Zoo. I enjoy this piece because it has a whimsical quality that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Welcome to All

Welcome to the eclectic desk, where questions are welcome, ideas outpace execution, and reverie is possible. The creative process is sometimes messy, sometimes incomplete, but I hope you enjoy seeing the cartoons, sketches, and other artifacts that take shape here.

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