King Heron

Do you know the story of the frogs who desired a king?heron

A pond full of discontented frogs cried out to God. “We can’t agree among our selves about anything.  We need a King who can bring law and order to the pond.”

God heard their cry, and answered by sending a symbolic king in the form of a log. When the log fell into the water, it scattered the frogs, filling them with fear, until it floated to the middle of the pond, and came to rest.

When the frogs finally emerged, they realized that their new king was merely a piece of wood. They began to mock the log. “You are weak!” They cried,”We won’t be ruled by the likes of you!”

A chorus of frog song again cried out to God, demanding a real king. God heard their cries and sent his reply in the form of a Great Heron. Just as the day began to fade, and the frogs began their usual revelry of song, King Heron landed in the pond.  With great stealth, he set to work eating the frogs.

Terrified, they cried out to God. “What have you done? This Heron is devouring us!”

“Why are you crying out to me again?” came God’s reply.  “Surely you have made your choice.”

The illustration here is one of my first pen and ink drawings. I love the expression in the old bird’s eye, and I admit that sometimes I see myself in the work. I like to think I am the Heron, but very often I am the other one.

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